Wherefore go Wine:Thirty Flight? Nineteen photos, a handful of wineries, and one odd flight itinerary.

Where we've been. Where we're going.

Where we've been. Where we're going.

It's been a strange stretch, with a bizarre itinerary that found me flying to Dallas and San Francisco in order to get from Washington, DC to Boston, a jaunt through Connecticut, Rhode Island, and back to Massachusetts, and -- now -- down to about sixty hours before I head to New York en route to London, Stockholm, and Copenhagen. I admit that I had aspirations of writing about Prague's fantastic wine scene this evening, but a touch of exhaustion and takeout falafel caught up with me. You see, I find that falafel and Italian reds form a divine pairing such that I no longer want to eat the former without drinking the latter, and thus an early-ish night was born.

The whole affair has been for a good cause though, for we've discovered great wineries on opposite coasts in Sonoma (Buena Vista Winery) and Virginia (Greenhill Winery and Vineyards) of which I'll soon be writing, and at some point realized that we had a live streak of Instagrams from distinctly different cities (or islands). Actually the moment in which this dawned on me offered cause to reflect on the great adventure that is wine in a broad sense, and more specifically the experience sharing it all in the form of Wine:Thirty Flight. It's rather incredible that one world could offer up so much stimulation, beautiful scenery, and glorious wine... and my expertise (as it were) is only in the American and European varietals. I drank a glass of sparkling sake with lunch yesterday, so am here to tell you that there's even more sky to be covered. Alas, the each-Instagram-from-somewhere-different streak ended at nineteen when I doubled back to Sonoma, admittedly a rather displeasing lack of symmetry when it comes to sharing all the photos in a grid. Oh well.

Alas, nineteen Instagrams, three new wineries, and one bizarre flight itinerary later, and here we are. More wine in 2018, indeed.

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