The Bellroy Travel Wallet is best on market, keeps me very organized at the airport and beyond

It all fits. Note the little silver pen clipped in the seam. The Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet is available in black, brown, or caramel (I chose caramel) coloring with or without RFID protection.

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I travel a lot, and I put a lot of thought into making travel more efficient. From the Tumi Alpha 2 International Carry-on and the Briggs & Riley Domestic Carry-On Upright Garment Bag that I devotedly carry from airport to airport -- both brilliant bags in their own way -- to the Nomad products that have become indispensable occupants of my travel bag, I organize my packing around a fanatical devotion to efficiency in what I carry, and the smart products that help me do it.

I've recently fallen in love with the Bellroy Leather Travel Wallet: Hands down the best wallet and passport cover combination on the market because it almost magically combines both into a single elegant leather object, and manages to fit everything I need into one folio smaller than any similar product I've ever put my hands on. It has helped me become infinitely more organized keeping my business together at the airport and everywhere I roam on either side of my flight, and has become truly indispensable to my travel routine. My wife, who abhors the acquisition of stuff, wants one now. That's the best review I can possibly imagine.

Two design masterstrokes make this wallet possible. First, your passport slips into the wallet horizontally, rather than vertically as is the case with every other passport case I've seen. This small change allowed the designers to cut a good quarter inch off the width, re-orient the whole thing to be long enough to accommodate boarding passes and any size paper currency while ringing in at same height but less width than a typical passport wallet.

Second (and this is vintage Bellroy on many of their products), they created credit card sleeves that fit multiple cards, which allows you to store more cards in less leather. The card sleeves on most wallets fit a single card, meaning that (say) tucking away three cards nets a width equal to about seven cards (that's the three actual cards plus four leather panels separating those cards). Storing those same three cards in a single pocket nets a width equal to only five cards (three actual cards plus the leather on either side of the bunch of them). Repeat this pattern throughout the product, and Bellroy has managed to shave a lot of bulk simply be eliminating needless leather dividers.

Indeed, I'm currently packing three credit cards, one debit card, a driver's license, subway cards from five cities, and five travel membership cards alongside my passport, $50, €35, and two boarding passes inside a wallet smaller than any passport case I've ever seen. There's also a dedicated slot for a SIM chip key and a micro pen for filling out customs cards (or handing out autographs, as your personal situation might require though mine does not).

The upshot? I slip one thing into my pocket when I head out, I have one go-to place for all the documents I need at the airport or on the train, and I've not been the guy holding up the line looking for various personal documents in months.

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