Last chance for 100,000 points and $1,500 of free travel with the Chase Sapphire Reserve card

We recently booked this trip on points, spending exactly $0 out of pocket, and still had over 25,000 of our signup bonus left over. Wine of Spain, here we come!

If you've been putting off signing up for the new(ish) Chase Sapphire Reserve (dubbed CSR) credit card released in 2016 -- and the 100,000 point signup bonus (ahem, a minimum of $1,500 worth of free travel) that comes along with it -- now is the time to get it done. Highly reputable The Points Guy reports this week that Chase plans to end the 100k signup promotion this coming Wednesday, 11 January 2017.

Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card homepage and application

We bring this to your attention because whether your travel aspirations have you headed to wineries, cities, or close friends and family... we think doing it with 100,000 extra points is too good a deal to miss (we have no affiliation, nor do we make any commission from Chase). In addition, the CSR offers 3x points on all dining (from fast food to the most elegant dinners, and everything in between) and travel (you name it... Uber / Lyft, rental cars, hotels, flights, wine on flights, trains, cruises, and on and on it goes), Priority Pass Select membership granting access to airport lounges such as the one we visited in Lisbon and the one I visited in Gothenburg before my AirBerlin flight to Germany, and the the ability to redeem your points for 1.5x their value (hence how 100,000 points can be worth at least $1,500 in travel). 

If you want to learn more about this, I suggest these two WTF posts from last year:

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The first digs into the value and perks of the CSR, and assesses who we recommend apply or not. The second compares the card to its main competitors, goes more in depth on the true value of this "free" travel, and seeks to help you decide if this is right for you.

This card will, of course, still be available after January 11... but the signup bonus will be significantly lower (though still quite valuable). Good luck, and enjoy your travels!