Casual Wino: The Wine 101 Guide for the Curious

Wine should be approachable and accessible to the beginner, and the beginner should be able to taste and explore with confidence.

Today we're publishing our new Casual Wino: The Wine 101 Guide for the Curious, where we’re sharing wine basics, tips on how to not break the budget unless it’s a special occasion, basic terminology, wine advice to help you get a second (and third) date, pairing ideas for food, recommendations on visiting wineries we’ve discovered, tasting notes, and anything else we can think of to help you drink, enjoy, and share wine with confidence. It’s all curated and prepared specifically for beginners and casual wine drinkers. We don’t want you to just blindly settle for what you find at the store! Follow us on:

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Wine is challenging, but that’s part of what we love about it. We love the global texture, the way that every winemaking culture and community the world over imprints its own spirit on the wine it makes. We love the combinations, both predictable and surprising. The way Italy’s wines pair so well with Italian food, and equally, our delight when we discover how well the whites of France’s Alsace region pair with the curries of southeast Asia.

Special thanks to my cousin, whose been getting into wine this last year, and gave us the idea for Casual Wino when he said to me: “Unfortunately I don't know anything about it and I just get whatever I see at the store. Was wondering if you could make a crash course post where someone like me gets started with enjoying wine.”

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