National Aviation Day + National Photo Day = Our best #PlanePics of 2016. Also a mystery.

We're celebrating National Aviation Day, Friday, August 19, 2016! We'll also go ahead and, not coincidentally, wish Orville Wright a very happy birthday. He'd have turned 145 years old today. Wilber definitely got the short end of the quasi national holiday stick. We're celebrating with favorites from our stash of aviation photos we've taken this year, with credit to our friend maggieayr for her great shot of the Southwest scimitar winglets in flight (top row). #planeporn.

Update: We learned from Facebook this morning that August 19 is also National Photography Day, a happy coincidence!

And an added bonus for true Aviation Geeks / Where's Waldo Fans: Two photos below, and only two photos, depict (at least part of) the exact same plane spotted on two separate occasions 1,010 miles away from one another. Which photos? How did you guess? Which airports were they taken at?

Hint... it doesn't involve the enormous Russian cargo plane we found at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, nor are you on the right track with the two pictures of the DC-3 (they were taken a mile away from one another). Seriously. Wish I could tell you that Nomad will send a free leather charging wallet to the first person who figures it out, but I have absolutely no affiliation with Nomad and haven't discussed this with them (we just review their stuff because we like it).

Happy travels!