Refresh yourself with our Sparkling Sangria recipe, 5-minutes to the perfect summer evening!

The fruits of our labor under our porch lights. Note the full strawberry floating in the (now) berry red Cava. Delicious!

We shared our Red Sangria recipe in last weeks post, Our quick and easy red Sangria recipe will make you a summertime wine-drinking champion! Red is of course the most common and traditional of the Sangrias, but we're big fans of sprucing up a bottle of bubbles to make a super-refreshing Sparkling Sangria. Don't go out of your way here, because the recipe is too easy...

Mix as many bottles of sparkling wine you like into a pitcher or some other container. We recommend using Cava (essentially a sparkling wine from Spain) to stay traditional, though a mild Prosecco may work if you want something a little sweeter. We like to stick with Cava, though. It's usually easy enough to find some in the $10(ish) range.

Pour the Cava over frozen mixed berries (buy these in the frozen foods section, one bag per bottle you're mixing) in a pitcher or some other container. Let chill and steep for an hour, then serve.

We recommend serving in stemless wine glasses or rocks glasses to give you room for the berries, which act as ice cubes. Add some peaches if you're feeling adventurous!