We're off to wineries, capitals, and small towns of Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK!

We're off to Europe, specifically to Spain, Portugal, Sweden, and the UK where we'll visit wineries, capitals, and small towns. We're making a point of sticking (mostly) to wineries that distribute in the United States, so that you can find what we're sharing even if you don't plan to travel yourself. We really hope that you'll follow along and share with your friends!

Our 17-days-in-one-international-carry-on pack test complete, the first leg of our journey flew us from Washington, DC (DCA) to New York's LaGuardia Airport (LGA), where we had to make our way to JFK International for our overnight flight to Madrid. We didn't love this bizarre itinerary, but it was the best that American Airlines miles could give us the day we wanted to leave.

We're ensconced in Madrid, and from here our itinerary looks something like this:

  • Several days in Madrid, capital of Spain, and my personal favorite city in the world;
  • Drive and taste our way through Spanish wine regions Toro, Ribera del Duero, and Rioja;
  • A quick day in Seville, where I've fond memories of my grandmother first letting this then-thirteen year old wander the city alone;
  • Flight on TAP Portugal from Seville to Porto, where we'll visit several wineries in the Douro Valley and wander into Port Houses in the city;
  • Two days in Lisbon, capital of Portugal, which will be a bit of a mystery because neither of us have been there before;
  • A day in London (Meghan is flying from London to Nashville on what we've no choice but to call an "adventure filled" itinerary);
  • My Norwegian Air Shuttle to Gothenberg, Sweden's second largest city, from where I'll drive north to Grundsund to spend the (quiet?) weekend.

We'll bring you plenty of wine recommendations and travel tips by the time we're finished. Thanks for following!