About Us

We're Meghan Barrett Welch and Andrew Welch. This is Wine:Thirty Flight, our first class wine and travel blog. We're wine drinkers and aviation geeks who met in the Coast Guard, live next to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, and who think of Washington, New York, and Boston as one big city.

We share many similar tastes in wine, but first among them is the belief that the people you meet and places you go are at least as much fun as the wine you drink while doing it. Sometimes it's worth booking a longer layover so that you can find a new wine bar. Wine is both fun and serious, sophisticated yet easy, the door to a world far beyond the glass. Together we'll find the best tempranillo from Spain, pinot noir from Massachusetts (yes), albarino in the main concourse at the airport in Charlotte, and the perfect house wine of which you won't feel bad opening a second bottle when friends come over.

Meghan's Favorites

Big juicy reds; Viognier, visiting wineries in new and unique places; always trying a glass of something I've never heard of; anywhere with a water view and a glass of sangria; Westport Rivers Vineyard and Travessia Winery of Massachusetts's Coastal Wine Trail; being local everywhere.

Andrew's Favorites

Reds from Ribera del Duero; Gewürztraminer from Alsace; Pinot Noir from Tasmania; Chimichurri Grill and Buceo 95 in Manhattan; Ross' Grill in Provincetown; New Star Market at 14th and Mission (George makes sandwiches, Mike rings you up); that dirty - yet oddly comforting - main passageway at Penn Station, off of which sits Penn Wines where Pascual runs the finest wine shop in New York City.

All-time Hits

The Red Inn of Provincetown MA (say hello to Jen, server and painter of beautiful things); Delaplane Cellars in Virginia; SER… where Javier wins at Arlington, VA restaurants; The Vineyard of McLean VA; Louis and Sonja - our wine guides; the Atlantic Spice Company; Concourse B/C at National Airport; watching small planes sneak up on big planes and then get to take off first; Air Canada Jazz.

Sunrise as seen from the living room. Andrew is in seat 7A of the American Airlines Airbus A320 on the far right, closest to the water.